The Wisdom Teachings of Ancient Egypt Silence and Intuition

In today’s podcast/article I’m going to go over the Introduction in “The Opening of the Way – A Practical guide to the Wisdom Teachings of Ancient Egypt” by Isha Schwaller de Lubicz

If you have gotten a copy of the book yet Here is a Link to it

People have a state of mind where they imagine that they progress unaided by anything and this progression is simply regarding the process of human evolution and logical development.

She says, “Research into human nature has therefore taken a biological, chemical, and largely mechanistic direction, with a purely analytical and Cartesian view of science, and has come up with no constructive answers to the question of how life ought to be lived.”

This is interesting because as we progress technically and scientifically as a species, we find more and more people unhappy with life and depressed. The quality of our life doesn’t seem to be getting better, it just seems to be filled with more entrainment and things in mass to make us unhealthy and kills us slowly in the west. The poor are still poor and many people are still starving around the world in our age of technology.

She talks about a

“Feverish search for anything which will indulge the senses and the emotions, until in the end an emotional stimulus is valued only for its violence; but whether the effect of its indulgence is good or harmful, nobody knows or cares.”

This was written in the 1930’s and still rings true today.

She says, “The life of the senses, when indulged so far, becomes extremely exacting. It is simple enough to arouse one’s physical appetites, but not so easy to control them. Nerves trained to excitement feel an unhealthy craving for it, and when the life of brain and senses has been accustomed to be fed continually from without by an unending flow of secondhand thoughts and images, of catchy tunes and twitching rhythms, it calls for these things because they render individual effort superfluous, and shake to pieces any notion of real values. That is our modern world, dancing the infernal roundelay of haste, ever more deeply involved in the quest for variety and novelty.”

Then she goes on to say,

“A mind trained to these frantic gymnastics will clearly show two characteristics: It will be insatiable, always preferring quantity to quality, and it will suffer from the need for speed.”

“The worst effect of all these new impulses has been the nervous imbalance which cannot tolerate silence or inactivity. These two pillars of meditation, without which one can have no true intuition or spiritual experience.”

I can just imagine what Isha Schwaller de Lubicz would think about our imbalanced world of information overload coming at everyone from every direction and all of it as entertainment or for some political of monetary motive.

What is interesting is that according to this book, we have been this way for a very long time and things are speeding up to some final conclusion. I think just about everyone feels that today.

It is true that most people cannot tolerate silence or inactivity which are the two pillars of meditation. This is why spiritual experience is becoming less and less or it’s become plastic and incorporated for profit from a self-proclaimed celebrity guru seeking fame and fortune.

Lao Tzu said, “Silence is a source of Great Strength.”

Which means today’s chaos and noise is a Great Weakness.

Pythagoras said, “Be silent or let thy words be worth more than silence.”

Silence is a beautiful and powerful thing but it’s becoming rare in our world of noise today.

Ramana Maharishi said “Sages say that the state in which the ‘I’-thought does not rise even in the least, alone is Self which is silence. That silent Self alone is God; Self alone is the individual soul. Self alone is this ancient world. All other knowledge are only petty and trivial knowledge; the experience of silence alone is the real and perfect knowledge. Know that the many objective differences are not real but are mere superimpositions on Self, which is the form of true knowledge.”

My person favorite silence quote is from Blaise Pascal, he says,

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

What the world needs is more silence but that’s probably not going to happen so what we need to do is bring more silence into our lives.

For some reason silence seams to calm the mind and the world.

Turn off the TV and the bad news, turn off the computer and just calm the mind with silence.

I have found that every spiritual and religious philosophy starts with this simple principle of silence.

The second pillar is inactivity. This is why the people in most spiritual traditions meditate. They realize the importance of doing nothing and becoming nothing by turning off the mind for a while. Instead of burning out our brain with constant entertainment and activity it needs to rest. If we don’t rest our mind and body they will become unbalanced and diseased. How much of this we see in the world today.

She says, “a flash of intuition, it can only be perceived by one in a receptive state, that is one capable of catching the moment of inspiration and allowing it to gestate in attentive silence.”

We are so busy filling our minds with entertainment and stressing out about life that we miss its greatest gifts of intuition and the inspiration that comes from it in silence.

Reading the rest of the introduction, I see an unbalance in the world today.

We have come from a time when religion and spirituality were dominate in the world to a time when science, technology and a belief in nothing is becoming dominate.

Neither is suited to rule but a balance must be obtained between them. When you read the rest of the introduction she gives some very convincing reasons why this is the case and what we are losing from such an imbalance.

Science is the head and spirituality is the heart and both must have their own separate rule because once one gives all of its power to the other there is an imbalance.

I hope you enjoyed today’s study and you will read, Toward the One Truth before next week and I will be discussing that.

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