Understanding My Expanded Consciousness In Other Dimensions

I’ve met some extraordinary people, who came into my life for a brief time and gave me information, which I believe, was right for me at the time to grow in my spiritual journey. This article is about such a meeting.

Many years ago, when I was a member of (BOTA) The Builders of the Adytum, there was a Magician in our local group. He had been a member of the organization for over 10 years and always had very interesting things to say and share. It always seemed as if he was holding back some knowledge. He would give the group some pearls of wisdom from time to time and then sit back and listen to others. Although, he was in his mid-thirties, he seemed to be very wise beyond his years.

One night after our meeting, while we were all having dinner and discussing various topics, he happened to be sitting at our table. Many of us got into a deep discussion about what life is and where consciousness comes from. This young Magician, sat at the table that night and just listened and didn’t contribute to the conversation.

After our dinner meeting and conversation, I was leaving with my wife when I met this Magician as he was leaving. I stopped him and asked, “I noticed you didn’t say anything during our dinner conversation, what do you think about the subject of reality and consciousness?” He smiled and said, “I didn’t say anything because no one asked me what I thought and even if they did, it would have taken too long to explain and many people were really waiting for their chance to talk and give their thoughts and philosophy.” Then I asked him; “I realize our meeting is over and you seem to have somewhere to go, are there any books on the subject you would recommend?” He said, “Yes, I do have somewhere to be and I’m already late but I will tell you this, If I was trapped on a desert Island and could only bring two books, they would be all of my BOTA lessons and a book called, Stalking the Wild Pendulum by Itzhak Bentov and another book called, Busting Loose From the Money Game by Robert Scheinfeld. Busting Loose From the Money Game has a cheesy looking cover and the guy tries to sell some of his other books and a course but you don’t need those, just this one book.” I then asked him for the names of these books again and wrote them down and then thanked him for the information and we went our separate ways.

A couple of times at BOTA meetings this Magician would ask me if I had read those books he had recommended? I had the usual excuses of, I’ve been busy, I have lots of books to read but I’ll get to them. Then one day he was gone, someone said he went to Egypt.

After a profound meditation experience (which you can read about here), I was looking for answers and thought about those two books. I then purchased and read both Stalking the Wild Pendulum and Busting Loose From the Money Game.

After reading those books, I really wanted to talk with this Magician and ask him a question but no one knew how to get ahold of him. Then a year later, we had a BOTA Christmas dinner party and he was there. I found out that he had been traveling around the world teaching English. We were all seated at a large table and he was at the other end, catching up with a few friends in the group. He then passed around a box with stickers, patches and things from his travels and asked each person to take something. I reached in and picked some colorful object and it turned out to be a magnet. It was upside down so I didn’t know what is was but it turned out to be a Ganesha magnet. I had been working with Ganesha for a year and even did a Puja with him before going to the meeting, so I was rather surprised at this coincidence, especially since it was the only Ganesha object in the box.

At the end of the meeting, I said to the Magician. “I got those two books you told me about and only have one question.” He smiled and said, “Great.” I then asked; “do you really believe that you are the only one here and all of this is an illusion?” He said; “Absolutely, I’ve been traveling the world and having a great time, all because of this.” I then asked; “do you think I’m an illusion and you’re creating me?” He answered; “Yes, you are but now you know the truth, use it and have fun with it, it’s all just a game.” Then we parted company and that was the last time I ever saw him.

Let’s briefly discuss Stalking the Wild Pendulum and Busting Loose From the Money Game.

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Stalking the Wild Pendulum by Itzhak Bentov

Stalking the Wild Pendulum was written by Itzhak Bentov. Mr. Bentov wrote two books, Stalking the Wild Pendulum, his Magnum Opus, and another book called; A Brief Tour of Higher Consciousness: A Cosmic Book on the Mechanics of Creation. Mr. Bentov came into this world briefly to give us this knowledge because he was killed on May 25, 1979, as a passenger aboard American Airlines Flight 191 that crashed at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. Moments after takeoff, an engine detached from the plane and tore off part of the wing, sending the plane down. The crash killed all 271 passengers and crew on board and two people on the ground.

Mr. Bentov writes in the introduction;

“I myself am a fairly stupid fellow who could not learn any mathematics at all. In fact, my brush with academia was a rather short one: I was expelled from the kindergarten at the age of four for some alleged subversive activities and have never managed to resume normal studies since, not to mention graduating from anyplace. So my mind has remained blank and unspoiled by higher learning.”

This same man would teach himself Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering. One of his many inventions included the steerable cardiac catheter, which helped pioneer the biomedical engineering industry. Mr. Bentov was way ahead of his time (if time were relative).

He also says; “I do not claim that the information contained here is the final truth, but I hope that it will stimulate more thinking and speculation by future scientists and interested laymen. Much of this information has come through intuitive insight, which is no justification, of course, for omitting a rational support for this material.”

What Is Stalking the Wild Pendulum About?

I won’t go into any detail because I don’t want to ruin your experience and perception of this amazing book. I will say that Stalking the Wild Pendulum contains the science of what deep meditation and the Kundalini experience is all about. This book, along with A Brief Tour of Higher Consciousness: A Cosmic Book on the Mechanics of Creation, describes not only what consciousness is but also what the universe is and how it works. This is a theory but it’s a fascinating one that makes a lot of sense.

Stalking the Wild Pendulum and A Brief Tour of Higher Consciousness: A Cosmic Book on the Mechanics of Creation, are not dry scientific books and are fun to read. Mr. Bentov explains his ideas and theories in a funny, entertaining and easy to understand way and uses cartoon-like drawings throughout the book. These books will blow your mind and I put them right up there with anything any current or past Theoretical Physicist or Quantum Scientist has written, they are that good. Forty plus years later, these books are still cutting edge Occult Science at its finest.

Stalking the Wild Pendulum is a book that will gently take you by the hand and down the rabbit hole of consciousness and through the universes, laughing and enjoying the journey…its A MUST READ for any serious Occultist.

Mr. Bentov said;

“I do not claim that the information contained here is the final truth, but I hope that it will stimulate more thinking and speculation by future scientists and interested laymen. Much of this information has come through intuitive insight, which is no justification, of course, for omitting a rational support for this material.”

As your meditation experiences and practices deepen so will your knowledge and you will begin to add your own ideas and concepts to this work. You can add your own ideas and pick up where Mr. Bentov left off…

“Many individuals going beyond the ‘normal’ limits of fragmentation are classified as paranoid, schizoid, psychotic, etc.”David Bohm, Wholeness and the Implicate Order

Busting Loose From the Money Game by Robert Scheinfeld

Yes, Busting Loose From the Money Game does have a really cheesy cover. Yes, Mr. Scheinfeld will try to persuade you to take his course. It does seem like the book was written for marketing Mr. Scheinfeld’s course and other books. But don’t let that stop because this is a great book.

I would jump down the rabbit hole first and read Stalking the Wild Pendulum, then after your mind is blown, read Busting Loose From the Money Game. It will make more sense because you will understand the science behind it.

Like Stalking the Wild Pendulum, Busting Loose From the Money Game is a simple and fun book to read. Mr. Scheinfeld builds his case slowly around the fact that the rabbit hole your going to jump down exists. For many people, what he’s saying later in the book, may seem unbelieve but there is some ancient knowledge current Scientists don’t even look at, that validates what he talks about. Again, Stalking the Wild Pendulum will give you the science behind it.

I felt like Mr. Scheinfeld took the The Ashtavakra Gita (Sanskrit in Devanagari: अष्टावक्रगीता; IAST: aṣṭāvakragītā) or the Song of Ashtavakra and Advaita Vedanta, ancient philosophy and made this knowledge up to date and workable in today’s society.

In fact, after you have read and studied these books, I would start reading The Ashtavakra Gita and Advaita Vedanta philosophy and other books that cover these similar ancient ideas. I will post some of my favorite books on this subject on this website. They are all amazing books.

When the student is ready, the teacher will come and did…I would be light years ahead in my Occult Practice had I known about this earlier but it came when I was ready to accept it and the time was right…maybe that is what led you to our website and to this article?

“Multiplicity is only apparent, in truth, there is only one mind…” ~ Erwin Schrödinger “The Oneness of Mind”, as translated in Quantum Questions: Mystical Writings of the World’s Great Physicists (1984) edited by Ken Wilber

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