Occult Book Review – The Opening of the Way A Practical guide to the Wisdom Teachings of Ancient Egypt by Isha Schwaller de Lubicz

The Opening of the Way: A Practical Guide to the Wisdom Teachings of Ancient Egypt by Isha Schwaller de Lubicz

At a time in my life, when I was very frustrated with my spiritual search, I was intuitively directed to this book. I cannot recall, many years ago, how I found it but I do know that no one recommended it to me. I was not interested in ancient Egyptian wisdom and mysticism. It was not something I was drawn to… as many people are.

The Opening of the Way: A Practical Guide to the Wisdom Teachings of Ancient Egypt, is a little-known book that deserves to be read by every serious occultist.

The introduction of this book sounds like it was written today, about how we indulge our life of the senses and stress out our nervous system chasing excitement and drama in life. This creates a nervous imbalance which cannot tolerate silence or inactivity

“The life of the senses, when indulged so far, becomes extremely exacting. It is simple enough to arouse one’s physical appetites, but not so easy to control them. Nerves trained to excitement feel an unhealthy craving for it, and when the life of brain and senses has been accustomed to be fed continually from without by an unending flow of secondhand thoughts and images, of catchy tunes and twitching rhythms, it calls for these things because they render individual effort superfluous, and shake to pieces any notion of real values. That is our modern world, dancing the infernal roundelay of haste, ever more deeply involved in the quest for variety and novelty.” ~ Isha Schwaller de Lubicz – The Opening of the Way

This wonderful book uses examples and quotes from, Biblical Scripture, Taoism, Buddhism and weaves them perfectly through ancient Egyptian ideas about the body and the organs of the body. The ancient Egyptian’s believed that the internal human body and its organs were gateways to not only other dimensions but also held our emotional states and unbalances within them. This book goes into the various organs of the body and their cosmic connection to each other and their roles in our lives, besides their biological significance. It also explains the cosmic connection of our blood, bones and nervous system. I found this book fascinating and well written. If you want to really get deep into this subject, there is an excellent Appendix at the end of the book called, The Functional Relationship of Bodily Organs, that goes deep into the subject. An additional Appendix called, Psychospiritual States in Different Traditions, which is a comparison of Ancient Egypt Wisdom teachings and how they compare to other ancient cultures.

“When considering the relationship of psychic and spiritual states to organic functions, it is important to bear in mind also the general conditions on levels more subtle than the physical. The breath of life (in Egyptian, the universal Ba) is breathed in by the lungs and individualized by the blood into an animal vital force (in Egyptian, the animal Ba); this is the inferior or “sensitive” soul, the Hebrew Nefesh. It corresponds to the Chinese pro which is the unconscious vital energy of the cells, the organs, and the sex and resides in the lungs. The astral or “etheric” body, corresponding to the popular notion of a ghost (Linga Sharira among the Hindus, and in Egyptian the Shadow, Khaibit), has its seat in the spleen. It is related to the Akasha, the world or state which holds the records of all the pictures or imaginings in our universe, and this justifies the idea of the spleen as the seat of the imagination. The individual vital force, which engraves in the liver the characteristics of the personality and the paternal heredity, is the intermediate or “personal” Ka of the Egyptians. The Chinese call it “roun” and situate it in the liver, and define its manifestations as “personal vital energy, personal vital needs and tendencies, conscious sexual needs.” In actual fact this consciousness belongs to the Automatic Self, the mortal ego, and in relation to the Ego Consciousness it is a form of sub-consciousness, so long as the latter, which also reacts in the liver, is not awakened. ~ Isha Schwaller de Lubicz – The Opening of the Way

This book talks about the origin of consciousness, consciousness in the universe and the dualistic game the Automaton or lower self, plays with the higher self, she calls the Permanent Witness.

The main idea in this book is called, The Way of The Heart and it offers a very simple Heart meditation to bring all of the organs and the inner body into balance.

There are also two chapters called, The Visit to the Cave and the Second Visit to the Cave, spaced perfectly in this book where the higher self or Permanent Witness instructs the Automaton or lower self. This is excellent.

There is a LOT in this book that I haven’t even covered. It goes into the practical detail on how to control the Automaton or lower self by using the higher self or Permanent Witness. This is something that cannot be forced and the body’s internal universe of the organs, blood, bones and nervous system all play a major role in successfully bringing them into balance.

This is an amazing and interesting book. You could easily design a Powerful ancient Egyptian system of magic with this book. Its depth of knowledge and insight on the Wisdom Teachings of Ancient Egypt and how they can be practically applied to our current lives is pure perfection. The book is not outdated and fits really well with the challenges we face in today’s world.

Isha Schwaller de Lubicz was the wife of R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz. R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz was a French Occultist and Egyptologist, who studied ancient Egyptian temples and their link with Sacred Geometry. He is known for his twelve-year study of the art and architecture of the Temple of Luxor in Egypt and his magnum Opus, The Temple of Man. Isha and R.A. lived in Egypt for 12 years studying Egyptian temples. As an Occultist, who lived in Egypt and studied ancient Egyptian temples with her husband, she is someone highly qualified to write a book like, The Opening of the Way: A Practical Guide to the Wisdom Teachings of Ancient Egypt.

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