Occult Book Review – Dr. Michael Aquino’s MindWar, MindStar and FindFar Trilogy

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I’m going to review an Occult Book Trilogy that was recently completed which most people don’t know about. After reading all three books, I found myself on a fascinating journey and decided to review them.

The three books in this trilogy include MindWar, MindStar and FindFar by Michael A. Aquino Ph.D.

Dr. Michael Aquino joined the original Church of Satan in 1969, becoming one of its chief officials. Unhappy with the direction Anton LaVey was taking the Church of Satan, he left in 1975 and founded the Temple of Set. He attended 16 separate military schools during 1968-87, including advanced courses in “Psychological Operations” at the JFK Special Warfare Center at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and “Strategic Intelligence” at the Defense Intelligence College, at Bolling Air Force Base in Washington, D.C. He is a (Ret.) U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, Military Intelligence, U.S. Army, and is qualified as a Special-Forces officer, Civil Affairs officer, and Defense Attaché. Dr. Aquino became infamous during the 1980’s with the satanic murder and child sacrifice conspiracies. He was accused of being involved and went on talk shows like Oprah Winfrey and others, defending his Occult views and intelligently debunking the satanic murder and child sacrifice conspiracies, which were never proven.

The first book of the trilogy is MindWar. Reading through MindWar and topics like MK Ultra, Project Star Gate, Psychological Operations (PSYOP), Psychological Warfare etc., I felt like I was reading some Top Secret PSYOP’s military manual.

Dr. Aquino says that MindWar is not Mind Control, a Political Ideology, a Religion or Zombification. He defines MindWar as;

“MindWar is the psychological and psychophysiological conditioning of all participants in a sociopolitical problem, first to cooperatively stabilize it without recourse to violence, then to eliminate its basis by the creation of a moral community to supersede it.”

MindWar shows us how the human mind really works.

In my favorite chapter, Dr. Aquino discusses Thought Architecture and how our minds really work. He says;

“In order to influence and control the human mind, MW must first know how thoughts are inspired and constructed. This requires an identification of the two types of thought emergence: the unconscious and the conscious. Despite the fact that 95% of thinking is subconscious, most people assume that their opinions, ideas, and conclusions are all conscious decisions. Indeed much of traditional MISO is based upon this assumption: that it is the deliberately constructed ideas of an audience which are the target. This is why such campaigns are so ineffective.”

MindWar does a great job of waking you up, showing you how asleep you may have been and how many people’s minds have been programmed with propaganda and conspiracy theories that have no truth. It’s also a book that shows how ignorance and programmed thinking leads to social violence and physical war.

The quotes and references at the bottom of the pages of this book are amazing and led me on many really interesting side journeys of exploration.

Having read all three books of this trilogy, I understand why MindWar was the first book and what it was trying to accomplish. After you read all three books, come back and read MindWar again and I think it will add to your first reading and you will start putting the pieces together.

Let’s now discuss the second book, MindStar.

Anyone looking for some outstanding esoteric and occult content will not be disappointed with this book.

On the first page, a footnote by Dr. Aquino says;

“MindStar was written by a dead man, in that I came extremely close to physical death from cancer during 2015. That lent a special motivation and urgency to creating this book, in disregard of pain and exhaustion, in order to make its contents available to suitable readers within this physical environment. Had it been written by a living man, it might not have been tongued with fire.”

MindStar is a very different book from MindWar but it seems like the logical next step. When I first got this book, I stayed up all night reading it. This is something I never do.

MindStar starts out with a talk about the Objective and Subjective Universes.

We then get Dr. Aquino’s ideas of the difference between MindWar and MindStar. He writes;

“MindStar, however, is not merely a guide to the study of human rational and irrational behavior. It is not enough [nor is it reassuring!] just to realize that one is surrounded by a world of humanity which is trapped in a generally-unrecognized prison of conflicting subconscious and conscious SUs. From the smallest social unit to worldwide ideologies and wars, helpless and hapless people are flailing around with the “disease” without even recognizing it for what it is, much less treating its symptoms.

It was for precisely this reason that I wrote the companion book to MindStar: MindWar. Unlike MindStar, MindWar is a practical manual for the diagnosis and constructive correction of social violence from the community to the international scale. It is intentionally exoteric and unintrospective. It does not seek to expose ordinary minds to the metaphysics of consciousness. It is a prescription for the many, for the polis, not the individual. MindStar is quite the other thing: a guide exclusively for the individual, which never compromises with group influences, needs, perceptions, or pressures. It is a map to the Grail Castle, which journey and adventure are essentially and inescapably unique to each individual.”

MindStar dives into ancient and modern history with some amazing revelations, Judaism, early Christianity, ancient Greece, Taoism, Philosophy, and Science. It goes heavily into Egyptian history and mysticism and you can see Dr. Aquino’s Temple of Set ideas coming to life. You are also given lots of great book and film reference material. Like in MindWar, I spent some quality time checking out these references.

MindStar is a practical book describing an ancient Egyptian method of transformation. Discussing the ancient Egyptian ideas of khat, ren, khabit, ab, ba, ka, sekhem and akh, Dr. Aquino writes;

“Accordingly each of the following expositions is meant not just as something to be read, but as a personal application exercise. Upon being alerted to each emanation, redirect your thought “inward” until you find and recognize it in yourself. You may be surprised at how effortless this is. [As effortless and self-evident, indeed, as all of the “great truths” presented in MindStar, each of which you find, perhaps to your surprise, that you “know already”. Welcome to anamnesis.] It is a gateway, a map to your personal Grail Castle.”

The Afterword in MindStar is called; The Sphinx and the Chimaera. It’s the last 67 pages of the book. Dr. Aquino writes;

“On May 30, 1975 in Santa Barbara, California, a sphinx and a chimaera were evoked to manifestation in order to explore certain esoteric implications of the Dialogues of Plato. Placed upon the altar: The Collected Dialogues of Plato, Hamilton & Cairns (Ed.), Princeton University Press, 1961. This conversation was recorded, transcribed, and annotated by Michael A. Aquino.”

The Sphinx and the Chimaera is a written account of that evocation. What follows is a very intellectual discussion of the Dialogues of Plato. I found some interesting and valuable nuggets of information here and there but it wasn’t my favorite part of the book.

I found MindStar a great companion book to another book I reviewed (The Opening of the Way – A Practical guide to the Wisdom Teachings of Ancient Egypt by Isha Schwaller de Lubicz)

The last book in the trilogy FindFar.

Dr. Aquino writes;

“In 2013 the strange particle MindWar was published. Instead of decaying, however, it has emitted two even stranger particles: MindStar (2016) and now FindFar (2017). Altogether these three particles meld to generate an überstrange trimolecule, exposure to which resynapsizes the human brain to regard the existential phenomenon of sentient humanity in radically-new manifestations.

MindWar is a practical manual for the retirement of traditional, physical warfare (PhysWar/PW) in favor of cooperative, pacific invention against an artificially controlled environmental atmosphere subconsciously aligning the cognitive processes of the human brain away from natural chaos to supernatural serenity.

MindStar addresses the one component of human mentality that the externalized MindWar intentionally postpones: the metaphysical “soul”, or more precisely eightfold emanations collectively comprising the MindStar of eternal, immortal, isolate self-consciousness.

Instead MW utilizes a Fourth-Dimensional, dynamic calculus called FindFar (FF), which is the subject of this third book in the series. FF is not a static picture but one in motion: a projection which is in constant harmonization with the MW campaign during its activation. Indeed there is a “double-dynamic” in process, since the targeted future and the current standpoint-of-perspective are both changing relative to each other, and both against any external “backdrops”: a continuum of true, not Einsteinian-absurd relativity.

The task of FindFar is not just to describe this machinery, but to do so without bewildering the reader. Any tool, no matter how elegant, is useless unless one knows how to use it reasonably effortlessly. Hence FF is written not so much as a turgid textbook as a conversation, interacting with the reader and frequently going back over obscure or complex points. The result, I hope, will be a reading experience as stimulating as it is informative.”

FindFar pulls no punches and gets right into the perceived conscious realities of life and what everything around us actually is, not what want to think or perceive it is through our environmental and cultural programming. Again, we are invited to take a journey through, politics, science, and philosophy. I found the Niccolò Machiavelli inspiration with Fortuna: Four-Dimensional Reality, Virtu: Controlling the Dimensions, Necessita: Moderating Change, Occasione: Timing is Everything and Ordini: To What End? Section to be really interesting.

“Reflections, each consisting of three dimensions in space, connected and individually elasticized by a fourth: time (or duration). It is the existence of this fourth dimension (4D) that changes political problems and their solutions from static to dynamic, making them truly intelligible only as continua. The MWarrior, the FF investigator, must accordingly indwell these continua if he is to correctly perceive and adjust reality.” ~ Michael Aquino FindFar (Page 59)

I found FindFar to be a Fourth-Dimensional, continuation of MindWar, at a deeper level, of time, dimensions, space, religions, philosophy and history. It is a link between MindWar and MindStar that helps to illuminate the human dimensions of thought and consciousness to new levels of realization. This book, like MindWar, also has great footnotes at the bottom for further exploration.

The three books together, MindWar, MindStar and FindFar feel like Dr. Aquino is using MindWar to awaken us to how our programmed realities have been shaped by past and present political, philosophical, media propaganda, mind control programs and conspiracies. As well as how Thought Architecture (environmentally and cultural programmed ideas and beliefs) allow us to run as an unconscious automaton over 95% of our lives. The sad reality is that we then agree and even justify the mass killing of other people (even innocent people) because of how the mind (through the conditioning listed above) frames the idea of how war, social and political mass destruction is an acceptable programmed idea and belief. The opposite, is we learn to disagree with war and violence as acceptable but then ignore its existence, emerging ourselves in other life dramas.

Once we are awake to how we run an unconscious program over 95% of the time and how this unconscious program is programmed to justify or ignore the most inhumane and barbaric acts, that are at a lower level of conscious behavior than any species in the animal world, FindFar take over. FindFar further explores the rational and beliefs throughout history for our inhumane and barbaric thinking and acts. It looks at the parts that religions, science, philosophy have all played in this mass game of mind control. It supports MindStar, which offers a practical ancient Egyptian philosophy and practice to help us to break free of this unconscious automaton state and discover who we really are, why we are here and what here really is. Dr. Aquino in MindStar, brilliantly shows us how ancient Egyptian philosophy, and practices, have been adapted by other ancient religions and philosophies throughout history. The idea of humans wanting to free their minds from the enslavement of other people and the world around them, is not a new idea, it’s just become lost in today’s materialistic, mass mind control, media and government propaganda world, which is what MindWar is all about.

Now that you have learned how enslaved your consciousness is and how to free it to a new higher level of reality, FindFar takes over. FindFar examines further how the human mind is controlled and perceives the reality of life within and beyond dimensions of time and space. It illuminates perceived reality, consciousness and mind control, again using religions, science and philosophy of the past and present to radically shift our new level of awareness and consciousness, aligning it with our new found freedom gained in the practical applications in MindStar.

To me, it seems like Dr. Aquino took his lifelong military Psychological Operations, Church of Satan and Temple of Set experiences and knowledge, then meld them together into a comprehensive, practical philosophy and practice. Instead of developing a Temple of Set based Occult practice and philosophy, which had already done with his two books, The Temple of Set Volumes 1 and 2 or including Church of Satan material, which he already did in, The Church of Satan Volumes 1 and 2, or explored the magical Left-Hand Path, which he did with his excellent book, Black Magic (also exploring history, religions, science and philosophy), Dr. Aquino took a different path. With this trilogy he put together something that was relevant with our current time, situation and technological revolution. Once we understand how and why our consciousness has been enslaved (for the power of others, corporations and especially the military industrial complex) we can use a practical ancient Egyptian philosophy and wisdom, that many other ancient world cultures and Philosophers have used, to free our minds and souls from our current enslavement.

Add some of the references from these books along with my recommendation of; The Opening of the Way – A Practical guide to the Wisdom Teachings of Ancient Egypt by Isha Schwaller de Lubicz and also her other great book, Her-Bak: The Living Face of Ancient Egypt and you have all you need for a real practical ancient Egyptian Mystery School, that is current with today’s issues and challenges. Forget all the other new age, Ancient Egyptian Mystery School, Magical, and Mystical crap out there, this material, along with Dr. Aquino’s recommendations are from Masters of their Craft and anything else you will get is just a pale imitation of their work. We highly recommend checking out these books.

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