Occult Science, The Fourth Dimension & Rudolf Steiner

This week’s podcast is some notes and ideas I came up with from reading a book called, “The Fourth Dimension, Sacred Geometry, Alchemy and Mathematics by Rudolf Steiner. This isn’t really a book by Rudolf Steiner, it’s a series of his lectures on the fourth dimension, sacred geometry, alchemy, and mathematics. These lectures are dated from 1905 through 1922 and they’re all different lectures at different times but they come together to give us a unique perspective on the fourth dimension of time.

Rudolf Steiner believes that the fourth dimension of reality or what he calls dimensional space or the astral world goes way beyond our ordinary sense perceptions of reality.

He says that mathematicians cannot take a step into the fourth-dimensional reality because they can only arrive at conclusions from what can be thought.

He obviously believes that thought and consciousness plays a major role in the fourth dimension of reality.

According to Rudolf Steiner, human beings are not three-dimensional but actually four-dimensional beings. He said that we live in the fourth dimension like we are ice floating on a sea of ice on water. I think that’s interesting that our sensory apparatus enables us to make mental images that coincide with other objects. Therefore, it’s the simulated objects we perceive outside of ourselves that are creating within our consciousness the simulation of reality.

I’m using the word simulation but I don’t know if Rudolf Steiner has a simulation theory, I may come across it. If anyone else knows about this, please leave a comment with some links or information on it.

He talks about polarities in terms of the dynamic forces that give life that is inherent in objects and he believes that the objects that the life force within the objects is what is actually bringing these objects to life in our consciousness. When we look at the double slit experiment (a link is below on that), for particles that we call reality to assemble in our conscious, there has to be an observer and when there is not an observer, these particles scatter.  We can think of it as chaos forming through consciousness but going back to a state of chaos without conscious observation.

Rudolph Steiner also talks about beings that we encounter in the so-called astral world. I believe this astral world he is referring to is the world of another dimension or the fourth dimension. Although, it’s clear that he believes that there are many dimensions and worlds.

What’s really interesting is, he says in this fourth dimension that everything is backward. Words and numbers are completely opposite in the fourth dimension. For example, the number 467 is actually read as 764. Everything has a mirror image within the fourth dimension, therefore, everything would be perceived by us in the third dimension as either upside down or sticking straight up. The roots of a tree would be in the sky instead of in the ground, each person would have another image of themselves protruding from the top of their head and their feet sticking straight up into the sky. Rudolf Steiner believes that we have to learn to read and understand numbers and even math backward to make any sense of the fourth dimension. It would seem that the reason scientists and mathematicians are currently stuck in the third dimension and have been for a long time, is that they are using science and mathematics that don’t take into consideration how things work in the fourth dimension or any other dimensions. They are applying 3D dimensional science and math on a different 4D dimensional space.

Another thing that’s really interesting, is that in the fourth dimension, he said the old emerges the new. Nothing is born and then becomes old. In the fourth dimension or astral world, things are old and they become new using our current third dimension. Everything in this astral world or fourth dimension and in other dimensions is actually radiating from us in this dimension. Our thoughts, words and our actions are causing things within a four-dimensional space or the astral world to be born and then come back into our third-dimensional reality and affect us. This is the idea of karma. Everything that we’re doing in this dimensional space has a life somewhere else and it’s coming back and we are having to deal with it in this dimension. This is a very interesting idea because as science is now starting to figure out, the past influences the future and the future influences the past and there is no time and space between them.

Rudolph Steiner talks about this in this lecture which was written in 1905. We just think about the past influencing the present at times when in reality, the past, present and the future are all influencing each other at the same time, they are synchronous and they’re happening at once all around us, we just don’t interpret it. We don’t feel it because we use a concept of time but he said, there are streams flowing in all directions around us outward and streams going in all directions inwards towards us as well, from these other dimensions that we are actually creating.

Steiner talks about that we reach a state in esoteric development where we must live through a phenomena in this world called the guardian of the threshold. The guardian of the threshold basically is just facing our future life because our dimensional or astral future lies beyond the threshold. In other words, every thought that we’ve ever had, every action that we’ve ever taken and everything that we’ve ever achieved in this life is at some point something we will come face-to-face with, with all of its good and bad, everything. The guardian of the threshold, which also appears to be our own creation, will make the decision on how we enter these other dimensions.

According to Rudolf Steiner, people see apparitions that they cannot interpret because they do not know that they must read them in reverse. For instance, they did not know that a wild animal attacking them must be interpreted as a reflection of an internal quality. He believes a person’s astral forces and passions appear in a great variety of animal forms. This led me to think about how we could be creating the other people in this world that attack us or at least drawing in this energy.

He described how recently disembodied individuals who still possess all their passions drives wishes and desires are not a pretty sight. That such people, although they are no longer in possession of physical and inferior bodies, can still retain all the astral elements that bind them into the physical world and can only be satisfied through a physical body. Any astral world urges take on animal shapes. As a human being is incarnated into a physical body the shape of the astral body conforms more or less to the human physical body. When the material body is gone however, the animal nature urges desires and passions is revealed in the forms they assume in the astral world, therefore an individual is a reflection of their animal nature urges desires and passions. The individual is a reflection of his or her urges and passes because these astral beings can also make use of other bodies. This is why it is dangerous to allow mediums to go into trance without the presence of a clairvoyant who can ward off evil.

It’s obvious that Rudolf Steiner believes that consciousness is creating our reality but also other dimensions of reality as well. The closest one to us is the fourth dimension. This would make sense.

I realize that some of these ideas seem on the fringe of science and science fiction, but as I have pointed out there is, in fact, a correlation between the idea of the past, present and future as one thing in this article with current science.

The main reason I created the Phoenix Esoteric Society was to be able to examine science and consciousness in a different way than what main stream corporate funded science is doing.

Rudolf Steiner revolutionized education (The Waldorf School system) which is still in operation worldwide. He proposed extensive social reforms through the establishment of a Threefold Social Order in which the cultural, political and economic realms would be largely independent. His work in medicine led to the development of a broad range of complementary medications and supportive artistic and biographic therapies, as well as numerous homes for children and adults with developmental disabilities (including those of the Camphill movement) are found in Africa, Europe, and North America. In 1921, a year before his death, pharmacists and physicians gathered under Steiner’s guidance to create a pharmaceutical company called Weleda which now distributes natural medical products worldwide. At around the same time, Dr. Ita Wegman founded the first anthroposophic medical clinic (now the Ita Wegman Clinic) in Switzerland. His two Goetheanum buildings have been widely cited as masterpieces of modern architecture, even today. He created an ecological and sustainable approach to agriculture that increased soil fertility without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which is still being used successfully today. He also wrote four mystery plays between 1909 and 1913 and four Occult Science books that make up Anthroposophy, which is still an organization today. Steiner’s collected works, make up about 400 volumes, including his writings (about forty volumes), over 6000 lectures, many of which are online and have been turned into books.

All of this, and the man is almost completely forgotten today and his scientific, philosophic and occult science work and ideas are not even considered or looked at.

Who Was Rudolf Steiner – Click Here and Find Out! 

I think it’s important to examine Rudolf Steiner’s work and other occult scientists who explored their own inner dimensions of consciousness beyond what most people are capable of and can do. They then bring back this information to us to use in our own occult science research and study. I think the results and accomplishments of his life’s work speak volumes for what one man was capable of by immersing into the deepest layers and fabric of his own consciousness because this is not only where everything we understand as reality originates but where it is stored as well.

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