How Our Group Used The Feynman Technique

Years ago, myself and a friend of mine decided to start an occult study group but there was an issue. We didn’t know much about the subjects we were studying and it was our job to run the group and give presentations.

Since we were creating a study group, we decided the best way to run the group was to teach the group what we were learning, using the Feynman Technique. The agreement between us was, if anyone asked how much knowledge and practical experience we had, we would admit the truth that we were using the group to teach ourselves what we wanted to learn and also learning from the others in the group.

A strange thing happened…

Our group averaged around 5-10 members with occasional visitors and lasted for about six months but no one ever questioned how much knowledge or experience we had.

If you haven’t seen Kumare it’s worth a watch.

Unlike Kumare, we were not out to deceive anyone or into developing a cult of followers, although we experienced how easy it would have been to go in that direction.

Our group studied Hermetic Qabalah and started with Dion Fortunes book, “Mystical Qabalah”. Again, we knew very little about Hermetic Qabalah and were teaching what we learned. We also encouraged anyone in the group and even guests to give presentations on the topics we were discussing. A few people did but it seemed like everyone else wanted to participate and not lead the group.

It’s amazing how easy people want to follow and believe in a leader. It’s the same thing that happens when an outgoing, charismatic person suddenly is looked at as a leader, yet no one or very few people question their credentials.

“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.” ~ Richard Feynman

You don’t have to have an education to lead a spiritual group or church. People will follow charisma and/or intellectualism. If someone has both qualities then they can collect a lot of followers and stuff their bank accounts.

We never asked for any money from anyone in our group. Our motivation was to learn and teach what we were learning then to re-enforce it by teaching others. The Feynman Technique.

How to Learn Faster with the Feynman Technique

There are two major lessons that I learned from this experience.

  1. People instinctively want to believe in and follow a spiritual teacher and someone they perceive has some special knowledge that they don’t have.
  2. People want to believe in a spiritual teacher and leader so much that they won’t inquire as to their credentials.

When it comes to spirituality, a lot of people can write books and talk a good game using that “my eyes are so wide and penetrating because I’m not of this world look.”

Always remember and keep in mind that the real guru is inside of you waiting to come out. Yes, there are people that can help us to reach higher awareness and consciousness and uncover our higher self but there should never be a payment for this.

Its okay to give what you can to someone who has helped you to figure out how to go inside and find yourself but, that teaching and experience shouldn’t have a price on it. Spiritual enlightenment should never become a product or service for sale.    

The Feynman Technique works well in a group setting even an occult group studying Hermetic Qabalah.