Magical Fine Jewelry

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Powerful Rings and Pendants 

“Solomon was enabled to build his temple by commanding demons by means of a magical ring. His ring gave Solomon the power to command demons, jinn (genie), to speak with animals and command the weather. We can still use rings to control the demons in our lives and world today and use their power to build our own temples.”

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Power Cool Rings by SECRETIUM

Wicked Looking Rings by SignoRings

Magic and Mayhem by Mastenarium

Enchanting, other worldly fine Jewelry by Sophias Dreaming

Gothic, Wicked Wiccan, Pagan Jewelry by Sheekydoodle

Sacred Geometry, Kabbalah Jewelry by Tzufit Moshel

Jewelry from your favorite films and from the halls of Valhalla by JewelryGhouse

The Spirit of the Forest and Sea in Captured in Stone by Rocksnbeads

Custom Celtic Viking Jewelry by Bret Christensen

From the Jewelry Fires of Distant Lands by Carpe Diem

For Someone Who Wants To Gain Power from the Ancient Past by CrazyAss Jewelry Designs

Forged from the Mountains and from Under the Sea by Crisol Jewelry

Amazing Pine Cone Jewelry Designs by Third Eye Pinecones