The Mandela Effect, Spiritual Awkening, DMT & Infinity

Check out this excellent video from Felipe Alexander

This video is amazing and is very similar to what I experienced in a deep meditation. If you haven’t read about my personal experience, then check out: INTO THE VOID – MY OWN PERSONAL MYSTICAL MAGICAL EXPERIENCE OF ONENESS PART 1

This knowledge, which has been confirmed for thousands of years by ancient cultures, shows us that we have the potential to train our minds to shift what we call reality. This quantum ability is not new and many people in the past have been able to do this. This knowledge and the way it is now showing up in our technological world, can take our meditation and magick abilities to new and greater heights of development. We don’t need DMT or any drugs to experience this.

I’m also experiencing some major Mandela Effects, which is verifying a shift and I believe it is quantum in nature, which will allow us all to either have great power or become a victim. This is something I will explore in later posts.

For more information on the Mandela Effect Click Here 

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