Occult Mastery – A Six Month Journey To Magical Mastery and Manifestation

Disclaimer: Per the beginning of this video. Many of us are U.S. Freemasons and have never heard of a Masonic church, we also don’t think Freemasonry is a religion. While such a church may have existed or still exists, we have never heard of it. Bro Charles F. Haanel, who wrote the Master Key System was a Freemason at St. Louis Keystone Lodge No.243, (A.F. & A.M.) Helmar Rudolph is not a member of the Phoenix Esoteric Society, we like his videos and his books on Bro. Haanel Master Key System, other than that we have no association with him.  

 At the Phoenix Esoteric Society, we have a Kybalion, Master Key System Study Group. This group has some people that are new to Occult Science studies and practices but after 6 months of completing the course and doing the study and exercises everyday, they have made more progress than many people do in years.

I think it works so well because you’re getting a disciplined study with practical work in Hermetics and The Master Key System shows you how to control your thoughts and mind and how to manifest great power with your thoughts, using your imagination. This is real magic.

Do you want to know how the world’s greatest Writers, Inventors, Musicians, Entrepreneurs and Artists got their inspiration to create art and things that changed the world. They had the key and knew how to go deep within and channel back this information. This is what the Kybalion and the Master Key will help you learn how to do. This is really powerful stuff.

It will teach you to discipline and control your mind and thinking. Using the power of polarity and the six other Hermetic principles, along with Chinese and western Alchemy. You will learn how to meditate at a deep level and become in touch with your higher self on other planes of existence, then bring back creativity and wisdom from these higher realities. Similar to what Scientists are doing or trying to do with Quantum Computers (watch the video below and apply this to your mind, instead of a Quantum Computer). This program will help you to use polarity and your mind to remove yourself from the drama, chaos, noise and distraction of the world around you. This distraction kills the ability to control your mind and achieve higher levels. Most people are simply automatons, unconsciously running an environmental, cultural programming and emotionally reacting to the drama and chaos of the world around them, unable to control it.

If you’re a Writer, it will show you how to get those big ideas for stories. If you’re an Inventor, it will give you the creative power to manifest something amazing, that could change the world and or your life. If you’re a Musician it will show you how to create great music and songs. If you’re an Entrepreneur it will show you how to create a successful business. If you’re an Artist it will advance your creativity and artistic abilities.

The only down side we have experienced is that this is a six-month program that takes about an hour a day to do the exercises and study. Some people will do it for a few days a week, skipping the study and exercises and after a couple of months loose interest, claiming it doesn’t work. If you can commit to a six-month program that takes about an hour or so a day (Every day, 7 days a week) then you will be amazed at what you will be able to achieve. This level of commitment is what separates the successful 2% from the average and unsuccessful 98%. This program is also safe. I have personally seen many young Occultists want power and knowledge fast and they have gotten into some things that promised this, only to end up with life long mental illness because they couldn’t handle their new reality and function in the world or some of them died because their inner demons couldn’t be controlled and destroyed them with drugs.

We use  Helmar Rudolph’s material, his Master Key books and videos, along with The Kybalion.  This gives us the continuity of having a Great Teacher and guide who really knows this material and has and is successfully using it in his life.  Below are links to all the books we use and to his YouTube videos. I’ve added a couple of his Master Key intro videos and one of his videos on the Kybalion and Mentality so you can see his teaching style.  

The Master Key System – Centenary Edition: Live Your Life on Higher Planes

The Master Key BrainCharger: A Premium Master Key System Student Workbook

The Kybalion: A Study of The Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece


If you like the information on the Phoenix Esoteric Society, please tell others about it that might be interested. As you probably are aware, old school, occult, esoteric group sites like ours, are quickly becoming a thing of the past. It’s unfortunate because there is so much interesting and amazing information to share.

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