What’s Is The Phoenix Esoteric Society?

The Phoenix Esoteric Society looks at Science and emerging technology from an esoteric and occult perspective. The ideas presented here are meant to stimulate creativity, enlighten and educate. They are based on years of occult study and practical application.

“Ending secrecy and revealing the truth, does not automatically give people critical thinking and non-violent communication skills. Providing intellectual self-defense does not automatically prevent censorship, nor does it teach one how to communicate. Learning how to communicate does not end secrecy, nor does it provide critical thinking. (1)

Education: to bring out, to extract, to produce from a state of occultation, (Johnson’s Dictionary 1854); from the Latin verb educo, to lead or draw out.

Occult: from the Latin verb, occulto, to hide or to keep secret.

Therefore, education is the process of drawing out or revealing the occult (the things in life that are hidden or kept secret from the masses. The occultation in life is secret or hidden because most people believe the simulation they are living in is a material reality.

“Esoteric is means intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.” Therefore, only the few people who to try to understand the hidden world beyond the simulated illusion and gather its secrets or knowledge are part of an esoteric group or society.

The emerging sciences of Transhumanism, Singularity, Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Mechanics are especially interesting to me and how they relate to old school and ancient occult and esoteric scientific ideas. We believe the past has given us some very clear messages on how we should adapt our lives to the quickly advancing technological advancement.

My mission is to have an objective, rational and intellectually comprehensible occult / spiritual scientific model that works in today’s rapidly changing technological world and one that is accessible by direct experience through the inner development of occult and spiritual practices. This universal, occult/spiritual scientific world model is not the same for everyone and is based upon an individual’s occult / esoteric studies, practices and their own empirical knowledge from those practices. I use this website and blog to spread important and interesting information.

(1) triviumeducation.com